Neah McGregor Studios
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Many Mediums, One Artist

Formerly Bethany McG Photography & Editing


Photography was really my first foray into everything creative. Somewhere in the dusty recesses of a closet in my childhood home is an old Fisher Price film camera. Nearby are stacks of photo books filled with poorly lit, blurry images of my childhood. Friends laughing through the years, the joy radiating out. Pet’s long ago passed away pulling at my heart as I recall their steady, unconditional love.

My goal whenever I pick up my camera is to capture those memories, those emotions, so that when you look back on that collection of photos decades down the road, you will be transported back into that moment, feeling the emotions, the love. I want to capture your souls in the image as well as your face, and smile, so that when your great great granddaughter holds your wedding photo in her hands 100 years from now, can look at the sparkle in your eye, and the smile in your face, and see herself; but also, carries that extra connection that is intangible.

I want to do the same when I take a picture of your products, capture the story, and the audience making them see themselves in your clothes or owning your product.

Photo Editing & Manipulation

Part of what I learned when I went to school for graphic design was Adobe! When I then went to start my photography business, I realized that I could also use this experience to help other photographers and artists who didn’t have the same experience I had with these programs.

I love a challenge; whether that is removing something cleanly so you would never know it was there, or a composite that looks like it was always a single photograph. I pride myself on matching my clients style and making them look awesome.

However I also love an artsy challenge! A surreal photo, or making someone go poof in a plume of smoke, Want something creative? I am also your gal!


I have only recently really gotten into Illustrating. Don’t get me wrong, I have ALWAYS loved to draw and really wanted to illustrate books when I was a kid. But as someone with Dysgraphia, and the inability most of the time to get what is in my head onto paper, this simply wasn’t something I could do, and I almost always left a drawing session frustrated.

Fast forward about 20 years and I in the process of editing photos and using Photoshop, I learned to use a pen tablet. This somehow is a different hand/brain connection, it also makes fixing mistakes easier, and I have found that I truly love illustrating! I am still finding my style and such but I am looking for projects to help me grow, and would love to fulfil my dream one day of illustrating a children’s book!

Graphic Design & Branding

I remember when Graphic Design was all about Exacto knives and cutting things out. Rubber cement was my best friend and I would spend hour upon hour in my dungeon of an art room in my unfinished basement as a child creating papers, and collages, art projects and scrapbooks. I would utilize various craft techniques and experiment with all kinds of mediums in order to get the look for whatever I wanted.

I’ve always loved branding, and packaging as well as marketing and everything involved in ads. I initially went to school for marketing and business before running out of money. So when I was looking for a change a few years later as I was cleaning windows at my local zoo, I decided to go back to school for Graphic Design. This kicked off a number of things, including reminding me of my love for photography, but it also allowed me to really hone all those skills I had been doing for years, only now digitally.

I love creating logos and brands for people that speaks to their client base about who they are and what they stand for. I love creating fun, yet simple design that lets prospective clients & customers really know what you are advertising.